Hypertension in Childhood – A Serious Problem

Hypertension is becoming a growing health concern all over the world. According to World Health Organization, hypertension is one of the most important causes of premature death. Maximum people think that hypertension only affects adults. But sadly this is not the truth anymore. Today hypertension is becoming more and more common in children. As in adults,hypertension in young children Continue reading “Hypertension in Childhood – A Serious Problem”

5 Golden Ways to Control Hypertension during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most beautiful experience in a woman’s life. It is an amazing and adventurous journey. During this crucial time, maintaining good health and taking proper care of yourself is highly important for both you and your growing baby. This is the time when you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle, eat healthy food, exercise well, take adequate rest, Continue reading “5 Golden Ways to Control Hypertension during Pregnancy”

Importance of Childhood Immunizations

Prevention is not only better but also cheaper than cure.

Since years, immunizations have helped children stay healthy and safe. Vaccines have helped to strengthen the immune system of children by helping their body recognize & fight the bacteria and viruses that cause diseases. Though infants are immune to many diseases because of the antibodies that they get from their Continue reading “Importance of Childhood Immunizations”

Get Vaccinated & Travel Smarter

Are you planning to travel out of your country? Then don’t forget to pack good health for the trip. While travelling abroad, many travelers face serious health issues. Most of the measles outbreaks that had been reported from Australia were triggered by young Australians, partially vaccinated, who returned home after becoming infected overseas. It is therefore important to protect yourself Continue reading “Get Vaccinated & Travel Smarter”

Hypertension in Children: A Growing Problem

High blood pressure or hypertension in young children is a growing health problem globally. Most of us have thinking that hypertension only affects adults. But that is unfortunately not true. High blood pressure or hypertension can affect people of all ages, even young children. About 1 in 25 teenagers has hypertension or high blood pressure. In small babies, hypertension is Continue reading “Hypertension in Children: A Growing Problem”