Immunisation Clinic Sandringham

Doctors@Bayside is the immunisation clinic in Sandringham that can provide a wide array of immunisations that can help protect people of all ages, especially infants, against harmful diseases before they come into contact with them.

Having complete licences, registrations, and accreditations, our practice can provide a completely safe environment ideal for the secure delivery of various immunisations as well highly qualified medical professionals that can provide immediate and long-term care and monitoring.

Baby Immunisations Sandringham

Call our clinic to book an appointment for baby immunisations in Sandringham. Our practice aims to deliver immunisations to not only protect individuals but also others in the community by helping reduce the spread of preventable diseases. By keeping our patients safe from disease, we are doing our part in ensuring the protection of our community and the entirety of Australia as a whole. For more information about our immunisations, please feel free to call (03) 9521-6633.

Services We Provide

A Breakdown of The Services We Provide

  • family-based medical care
  • chronic disease management
    • asthma
    • diabetes
    • heart disease
    • high blood pressure
  • health assessments
  • pathology services
  • women’s health
    • contraceptive advice
    • contraceptive implant (Implanon) insertion & removal
    • pap smears
    • family planning
    • menopause management
  • men’s health
  • mental health services
  • children’s health
    • childhood immunisations
  • skin checks
  • travel advice and vaccinations
  • minor surgical procedures
  • WorkCover
  • TAC
  • Test Results – If discussion is needed, our Practice Nurse will reach out to arrange a follow-up appointment with your doctor.