Minor Surgical Procedures

Minor Surgery Sandringham

We offer minor surgery in Sandringham for patients needing skin biopsy.

Skin Biopsy Sandringham

One of the services that we offer is a reliable skin biopsy in Sandringham. Pre-procedure advice and briefing as well as post-procedure care and management are provided to all our patients. We have our patients’ health, safety, and welfare as top priority so take extra care and effort in ensuring that procedures are uneventful from start to finish. With a multitude of patients having successfully undergone minor surgical procedures in our facility, we take pride in the level of service excellence that we provide.

Services We Provide

A Breakdown of The Services We Provide

  • family-based medical care
  • chronic disease management
    • asthma
    • diabetes
    • heart disease
    • high blood pressure
  • health assessments
  • pathology services
  • women’s health
    • contraceptive advice
    • contraceptive implant (Implanon) insertion & removal
    • pap smears
    • family planning
    • menopause management
  • men’s health
  • mental health services
  • children’s health
    • childhood immunisations
  • skin checks
  • travel advice and vaccinations
  • minor surgical procedures
  • WorkCover
  • TAC
  • Test Results – If discussion is needed, our Practice Nurse will reach out to arrange a follow-up appointment with your doctor.